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CDL 40 Hour A Refresher

Apr, 2019


The CDL refresher program will consist of a 40-hour refreshment course to bring drivers who have been removed from the road up to speed with the current laws of the road, as well as allowing students to practice maneuvers before hitting the road.

The classroom, range and behind the wheel instruction will include:

  1. Instruction in the laws and regulations pertaining to the interstate and intrastate commercial motor vehicle operation.
  2. Both classroom and range training will be conducted on the proper completion of pre-trip and post-trip vehicle and equipment inspections.
  3. Range instruction will include training in the coupling and uncoupling of combination units.
  4. Range training will cover the aspects of placing a commercial motor vehicle in operation.
  5. The proper use of different motor vehicle controls and emergency equipment.
  6. Operation of the commercial motor vehicle in the inner city, farm to market roads, interstate highways and will include the skills in passing, turning, backing and parking the commercial motor vehicle.
  7. Extensive training will be given in the skills of braking and slowing the vehicle by means other than the application of the service brakes.
  8. Extensive training will be conducted in the proper completion of the driver’s daily log book.
  9. Instruction will also be given in accident prevention, personal health and fitness, and in public relations.

Course Content

Time: 40 hours

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